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Steam achievements soon available for In Verbis Virtus

To date In Verbis Virtus lacked an important ingredient, the achievements. We decided to make them available at the release of the full game, on April 3rd, because many of them require you to play also chapter 3 to be completed, and you have not yet been able to get your hands, and voices, on it. Some are linked to your progress in the story of the game, other to optional objectives. Do not expect it to be easy to get them, in many cases you'll have to explore and understand the darkest secrets of the Temple. Some achievements are best suited to meticulous players, others to those who will decide to master the most destructive uses of magical arts. So there will be something for everyone and we are confident that you will enjoy trying to discover and achieve all the goals that the ancients have thought for you!

In Verbis Virtus out on Steam