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New artworks for the first level

Today we are going to show you some new artworks made by our concept artist. The first one on the left represents what our hero will find as soon as he enters the mysterious temple in the desert he went to in search of arcane knowledge. Right from the start he will come into contact with ancient powers which origin he'll discover as he will go deeper into this magical place and pass the tests he will face. The other two artworks are sketches of some of the dark corridors the character will have to go through, not without difficulty, toward his goal. These drawings are based on a fairly detailed design we did for the first level and of which we'll show you something soon.
Meanwhile we also found two willing artists who are already working to transform these drawings in three-dimensional models of which we will be able to publish screenshots in a few weeks.
Until next time.

In Verbis Virtus out on Steam