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Denis Devblog: Creatures concepts

Hi, guys! Denis here! I love the creative process that lies beneath the creatures' conception! So here I am presenting you today two creatures! Yea, you heard well! One is the Savage, which was already presented by our Art Director and 3D Artist Giovanni "Alfier" Vadalà, the other is the "Beast".


For the conception of the Savage I had a blank slate on his physical appearance and I could do almost everything I wanted. However, we needed a creature of the same dimensions of a human and who didn't seem too much powerful. We wanted something which was almost harmless alone, but challenging if he was attacking in groups.
On a background level, he is a suffering soul, trapped in a deformed body, who attacks everyone on his way and whose only aim is devouring everything hoping to ease his suffering. What an unlucky freak of nature!
On these bases, I had never-ending possibilities to explore and I was desperately seeking for a hint! That’s when drafts came in handy. I would have spent days drawing whatever kind of crazy creature goes through my mind, but I think the most important part of this process was, however, having something on which we could start discussing about and, by the way, five sketches of different shapes are a good start to understand exactly what can or cannot do.

Then Alfier told me what he liked most and what we should have kept for another round of sketches.

When those were ready, we had everything we needed to start drawing the creature and give it the visual coherence it deserves.

When the final draft was ready, I went through a final check with Alfier, who gave his last suggestions and, as the sketch was ready, I realized the definitive projections demanded to make the 3D model.

So, what you think of our hard work? :P I’m pretty happy with the result, by the way. He sounds like a real pain bringer, isn’t he?


For this creature the conception process was quite different, this time. I had to follow a more detailed characterization compared to the Savage.
The Beast is an enormous creature! He is a tormented spirit tangled in a crippled shape too, but he has four arms, a round mouth with several teeth rows, a helm on his head, some creepy skull-shaped knees-pieces, spaulders and spears on his back. Its posture and structure is similar to the one of a gorilla and it moves mostly on his four paws, but he can attack on two, though.
As you can see, this time I had to deal with plenty of details, so I preferred doing some sketch in black and white, without shades.

Starting sketches


Round #2




Color and posture sketch

Hope you enjoyed this bite of what’s coming next on In Verbis Virtus and I can’t wait to watch my “beauties” devouring you! MWA HA HA!!!!

Denis Gualtieri


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