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5 Minutes Rage

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A sport with simple rules: kill suckers, catch the ball and score.

5 Minutes Rage is a 2.5D multiplayer game where two teams of robots (junkbots) clash in a battle of cannon shots to bring the ball to the goal. It features a frantic gameplay with 5 minutes matches, 2vs2 or 1vs1, in online or local mode.

An hybrid between a party game and a shooter: straightforward and fun but leaving space for the development of skills and tactics. The aesthetics mixes colorful 80s flavoured atmospheres with last generation graphics and effects, using Unreal Engine.

■ A sport with robots, laser and a ball
■ Online and local multiplayer
■ Team up with a friend or a local player
■ Keyboard+mouse or gamepad
■ Vent your frustration (you know you need it)
■ Master basic abilities: laser machine gun, explosive bullet, shield and sprint
■ Cool advanced techniques: deflect projectiles and throw enemies in their own goal with the ball (humiliation!)
■ Customize the appearance of your junkbot
■ Retro atmosphere, but cool Unreal Engine graphics, so that your hardware won’t be wasted
■ Get praise by the Skill Skull!